Multi-Compartment Ornament Storage Trays


Ultra-strong and durable, our sectioned ornament trays make it easy to store and protect delicate Christmas tree ornaments of all sizes. The 12-compartment tray is perfect for classic three-inch globe ornaments. Choose the six-compartment tray for oblong, teardrop ornaments up to six inches in length. The divided design keep contents secure while tough construction lets you stack with other trays for space-saving storage. For lockable, dust-free protection, our ornament trays fit inside our stackable Vinyl Record Storage Box, *Sold Separately*.

  • Made of durable polypropylene
  • Stackable
  • Fit up to three inside our lockable, stackable plastic Large Stackable Vinyl Record Storage Box

2 Sizes Available:

6 Compartments: 14-3/4″ x 12-1/4″ x 3-1/4″ h

12 Compartments: 14-3/4″ x 12-1/4″ x 3-1/4″ h