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Getting organized is a freeing experience that improves your quality of life.

Benefits of Virtual vs Traditional Organizing Services

Our Virtual Organizing services....

Empowers You

Most people who hire someone to organize their home end up disorganized again down the road. But with our virtual organizing services, you learn a new skill that empowers you to be able to do the organizing yourself. We teach you organization techniques and help guide you through the process, and as a result, you are much more likely to keep things organized in the future without needing much assistance.

Offers Privacy

With virtual organizing, you don’t have to have someone come in to your home. You can maintain your privacy while still getting organizing help.

Are Affordable

Organizing takes time and traditional organizing services are charged by the hour, which adds up quick. With our virtual services, you are in control of how much or how little of our services you use based on what you need.

Teaches You Mindset Shifts

It’s very common to feel overwhelmed, anxious, out of control, embarrassed or depressed when dealing with disorganization. Without a mindset shift, getting organized can seem impossible. By addressing the barriers that are keeping you from getting organized, we help you overcome the negative emotions that have kept you stuck, giving you the power to take control of the situation.

Offers Safety

During these unusual times of a pandemic, virtual organizing is the safest way to get help, without putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

Offers Flexibility

Everyones situation is different. Maybe you just need a little advice, or maybe you would like someone to come up with a plan that you can follow. We're here to help with whatever size project you're currently dealing with.

Let's get organized!


Select from one of the options below to get started on your home organization project today!

Ideas to Get Started

Need ideas to help get you started on an organization project? 

Send in photos of 1 problem area that you want to organize, and get 3 quick suggestions and/or product recommendations that can help you organize that space.

On Call Organizer

Feeling stuck or just need organizing advice?

Sometimes you just need a little direction to get on the right track.

Schedule a 45 minute zoom call to get immediate solutions to your organizing problems.

30 Days of Organizing

Ready to get organized?

Get direction and guidance with:

  • 2 Zoom Coaching Sessions
  • A Personalized Plan
  • Product Recommendations
  • Unlimited Email Support for 30 Days

Frequently asked questions

Yes, all of our services are done virtually, allowing our clients to get organizing and design advice quickly, safely and affordably. We currently do not offer in-person appointments.

Zoom coaching sessions are virtual organizing sessions that focus on figuring out what’s been keeping you stuck and developing a plan to help you overcome those challenges. The organization coach breaks down the organizing process so that it’s not overwhelming and teaches you strategies to get organized and be able to keep it that way.

Appointment times are available every day of the week, Sunday through Saturday, from 8am to 3pm EST.

Changes to scheduled appointments can be made up to 24 hours before your appointment. If you miss your appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will forfeit your appointment and will not be eligible for a refund. Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

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happy clients

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“Our kids are so excited about their playroom! I can’t believe we actually got them to help in the process, but Morgan was right - they’ve been keeping it tidy and they know where everything goes. It’s fantastic.”
Kathy S.
“I was nervous about having someone help me get organized because I was really embarrassed about my house being such a disaster, but Morgan made me feel comfortable and is such an understanding and compassionate person. I’m so thankful for all the progress we've made!”
Barbara S.
“Every time I walk into my bedroom I am so happy. It feels like a new room - I even sleep better at night! Thank you again for helping me create my dream bedroom!”
Cindy W.

Not sure if virtual organizing is right for you?

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