30 Days of Organizing

Less Clutter = Less Stress

30 Days of Organizing is designed for people who are ready to get organized but just need direction and guidance to get there.

What can I expect from 30 Days of Organizing?

During the 30 days, you will:
  • Learn organizing skills that will enable you to work through problem areas in your home
  • Learn to work through the negative emotions that have kept you from getting organized
  • Have a plan to follow for organizing your home that is developed specifically for you, based on the goals you want to accomplish and addressing the challenges you face
  • Learn tips for staying organized in the future
  • Get product recommendations that make organizing easier

Important Things to Consider

It’s important to choose 30 consecutive days where you will be able to focus on organizing without having too many additional things on your schedule. Organizing is time consuming and you will only be disappointed if you don’t allow yourself the time to be able to accomplish your goals.

It’s also very important to have realistic expectations for these 30 days. Most people live busy lives and will not be able to organize their entire home in that short of a time frame. The goal is to teach you the skills you need to continue on after those 30 days without needing much assistance. Getting past the obstacles that have kept you stuck will allow you to move forward and continue making progress when our time is done.

Once I sign up, how does this work?

To get started, you’ll schedule your first 45 minute zoom coaching session with Morgan, where you’ll go over the things that have kept you from getting organized in the past, and outline what you want to accomplish during the next 30 days. Within 24 hours of that zoom call, you’ll be emailed a personalized organization plan to follow. Morgan will be there to guide you through the process with unlimited email support, so that you’ll be able to get your questions answered quickly and never feel stuck.

Your second 45 minute zoom coaching session can be booked whenever you feel that a call would be most helpful for you. Some problems are easier worked through with discussion versus emailing.

Throughout the 30 days, you’ll find the more you put into organizing, the more rewarding it will be. Seeing progress instead of mess will boost your motivation and get you excited about completing your projects!